Universal sanitizer CLEANSMART
Brand development and design of a series of labels

CleanSmart — unique tool for cleaning and disinfection. The lines are addressed to different consumer audiences: from positively-minded parents of babies - to suspicious consumers of hand sanitizers. We had to develop a single label style that would appeal to all these audiences.

We decided to make the overall image of the product a little more clean and a little more smart — to match the spirit and letter of the name.

We made the logo triangular and three — dimensional-it seems to float in space. The design of the label is deliberately asymmetrical, highly functional, rich in semantic elements and, at the same time, visually clean and transparent. Each label has a lot of bright details, but in General it is perceived as white: purity is our key image.

We believe that we have managed to create a modern high-tech image of the product and simultaneously solve a number of practical communication problems. For example, the style allows you to integrate into the label, if necessary, thin contour illustrations in different styles: in the children's series, these are cute drawings of children's accessories, and in the line for cleaning the house — stylized images of the kitchen and bathroom in an isometric projection. The ability to use such an illustration makes it easier to communicate with specific groups of consumers.