Oxygen compression alginate masks Excelsior
Logo and label design

It is always interesting to develop packaging design for new unusual products: when traditions and genre clichés have not yet formed, you can safely experiment.

The Excelsior line is doubly unusual. Firstly, alginate masks are an innovative product in themselves, and secondly, the structure of the line is very atypical: four tubes with masks for different skin types and one bottle with an activator spray, which is used in combination with each mask. The packaging design had to somehow decipher this unusual product formula for the consumer.

Packages of masks – white with bright color accents: a large color circle with a number is repeated in the logo in the form of a small bright point above the "i". The same vivid color painted the name of the product, and – surprise! - the inner surface of the packaging box.

In order to emphasize the auxiliary role of the spray, we made it a bottle of silvery-gray. Against this background, all four colored circles with mask packs are gathered together – so we show that the spray is combined with all products of the line.

And to make everything clear, we have shown in detail the process of using masks and spray on the side of the package with the help of illustrations.