Cosmetic line My Dear Skin
Packaging and label design development

Why do manufacturers spend so much money on packaging design? Because the design solves their marketing problem. Here's what the customer's marketers told us before starting to work on this cosmetic series:

CA: Women 17-60 years old, love to take care of themselves, are sure that the skin of the body should be taken care as carefully as the skin of the face.

UTP series: Means for daily use. Pleasant, delicate texture, effective formulation, neutral aromas. Affordable price.

The products of this line are "laconic" – they do not put on the label the names of exotic or super popular ingredients, they do not have an unusual color or smell. All the attention of this line – as its name suggests-is focused on the skin and solving its problems. This is our design: it does not seem to attract attention to itself, but is addressed to the problems of the consumer. No excess of decoration, only the lightness, purity and the logic of caring: on products for hands, painted hands, for the feet and legs, for body – body. The basic products are decorated with just one color. On others the additional color is used locally-only for marking of the main purpose ("protective","nutritious"). One color, one font, one line width in both the logo and the illustrations: minimalistic, almost medical design. Kind and smart simplicity. And no bouquets of daisies and calendula!