Business centre SKOLKOVO STAR
Corporate identity and communication elements

The name "SKOLKOVO" today is associated with intellectual resources, exact Sciences and high technologies. Therefore, as a brand name, we would like to offer a strict logical structure, which would be, at the same time, bright, modern and attractive. The type of this structure determined the name of the object – a star.

In our sign, the five rays of the star symbolize the five buildings of the business center. Inside this star two more geometrically correct forms are" hidden": intersecting, adjacent beams form sites of darker color, which are formed into a five-pointed figure. And the inner counterform in the center of the sign also looks like a little white star.

This centrally symmetrical sign attracts the eye. It combines external simplicity and recognition with internal complexity and layering.

The five basic corporate colors superimposed on each other give even five colors. Thus, we visualize the synergy effect – "SKOLKOVO STAR's opportunities and conditions strengthen your business".

The enlarged colored elements of the sign serve as decorative elements of the corporate style. Examples of this can be seen in the design of business cards, CD and car design.

For the SKOLKOVO STAR project, as a project of the future, the site decided to make adaptive for all devices. Responsive design is rapidly becoming the standard in web design.