Bright & Company | HR Strategy
Corporate brochure design and illustration

Creative HR strategies are one of the most fashionable trends of recent years. Our client, the Dutch consulting company Bright & Company, presents his strategy in the form of a story about the ship's team, who went in search of treasure. And our team was instructed to develop a design layout and draw illustrations for this story.
First of all, we have abandoned the format of the brochure in favor of the traditional hardcover book. Such a thorough publication will make a greater impression on the reader, and will last longer.

For each turn of the book, our Elena Koole drew original illustrations with sailors, seagulls and mysterious Islands. The book is printed on offset paper. This appeal to retro technology reminds of the beautiful publications of the 1960s, the Golden age of bookmaking.
Our book has a classic fabric spine, orange flyleaf and orange tab-Lasse (right: because orange is the national color of the Netherlands).