Avesign Digital Signage
Brand development

Big corporate identity for a high-tech company is the dream of every design Studio.
Our client is engaged in digital advertising technologies, his goal is to be noticeable, to attract attention. Therefore, the key element of our style was a multi – valued symbol-"rectangle and dot": it is an exclamation point, and inverted "i" from the name, and the binary code "unit-zero", referring to digital technologies, which specializes in the company. And the " rectangle "is the screen and the" dot " is the pixel...

The brand name is integrated in an interesting way with the logo: "rectangle "serves as a substrate for the name, and" point " attaches to the name of the descriptor. The sign is very universal: it can set the form of advertising blocks or be replicated, forming a corporate ornament.
The style was cheerful and constructive. Multifunctional graphics combined with active red color create a sense of logical dynamics.

The package we have developed includes the General slogan, forms of business documentation, standard layouts of advertising blocks and, of course, the design of the corporate website.
To effectively manage this great style, we have developed a solid brand book, which described in detail all possible cases of using identity: from models in the media to corporate gifts.